Thursday, May 20, 2010

Plan B

We met with a new realtor yesterday and she was great. She is passionate about her job and it shows. She's very professional and diligent and I can appreciate that, especially with my last experience with a realtor.

So, we engaged a remodeling contractor to accompany us to the "Dreamy" house. And to my surprise, he said that house was in EXCELLENT condition and while minor cosmetic and maybe upgrading the electric, would be needed, the house is solid. I was beyond thrilled. YEAH!!!!

However, we saw another house before we all met at the "Dreamy" house, as the contractor was at another job and had to travel an hour to meet us. Enter the competition:

This house is FABULOUS!!! While it does not have the character of the Victorian, it stands strong with HUGE rooms, great layout inside and a stunning landscaped, though over grown, backyard complete with an in-ground pool.

Upon entering, the parquet floors were different yet beautiful, would need a little work though. But what captured me was the airy-ness, the house flows really well and I love that. No knocking down walls, a bonus.

This house has the layout I imagined for our home. The kitchen is sizable with a butler's pantry and it's right off the backyard, perfect for adding a bump out for a sunny, floor to ceiling windows, breakfast room. Like this:

image courtesy of Willow Decor

Or this:

A light-filled breakfast room, overlooking the backyard would be the bees knees.

Anywhoo, the Plan B house is GORGEOUS and it has presented to us for a great deal.

I've been tossing and turning all night mulling this decision. The "Dreamy" house needs alot of work to inhabit, initially. The Plan B house, while it needs work too, would be fine to move in and live in immediately, and we can remodel at our leisure.

Decisions, decisions.

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F @ said...

Go for it! We also purchased our plan b house at a deal and 3 months later, We couldn't be happier :) You will make it your dream home and it is so beautiful!