Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Painting SUCKS!!!

I've decided to paint the house everyday until it is finished.. well actually I may have to rest one day. But my goal is to paint, so we can get the damn thing finished already. As much as we'd like to hire painters to finish the job, 7k just isn't in the budget. I can do so many other things in the house with that money, namely buy furniture.

But painting surely sucks! MAJORLY. Everything is hurting me right now.. My knees, my wrists, my butt, my eyes, my eyelashes.. everything!!

Maybe I shouldn't have tried to go 9 hours but I get so frustrated when things aren't done.. so I just painted and painted and painted. And cursed myself for wanting a house with "architectural detail and character". PUH!!!

I'm sure I will be over the moon once everything is done and will love the massive amount of molding but for now, UGHHHHHHH!!!!!

I'm pooped.

All I know, is when I paint the kitchen, I'm using a paint sprayer!!

1 comment:

anita said...

ugh is right! hang in there.