Thursday, May 26, 2011


Halle Berry can do no wrong in my eyes. Her body, her haircut, that DRESS...all so fierce! 
  Every time I want to indulge in my favorite Oreo cookies or chow down on some pasta, I look at her pic posted on the refrigerator. It curbs a craving like nobody's business.

I know that Halle does Pilates as well as watches her diet because of her Diabetes. I've done Pilates Mat in the past and loved it's low impact but high results workout. But I've kicked it up a notch with a few semi  private Reformer Pilates classes. I'm STILL sore.

Those semi private classes are wee bit expensive so I sought out to find something more budget friendly. And I found the AeroPilates 5 Corded Machine with Rebounder.

Can't wait to get it home and try it out. My instructor said she would stop by and give a couple hours of instruction for half price, just so I can be familiar with the new machine and be well on my way to Halle-ness. Yay!

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