Monday, May 9, 2011

Feelin' Fancy

I'm winding down to the last 2 days of my cleanse. On the 11th, I will have been on it for 30 days. While, it was a test of my will and commitment, I'm almost done and so happy for so many reasons. I've lost all the weight I wanted to lose and my body looks awesome, to me.

I had always been slim all my life and now that I'm back to a body that's familiar to me and it makes me feel sexy, beautiful and elated.

For the past two weeks, I had implemented a kettlebell workout in addition to my daily two or three mile walks.

This has been quite effective and easy. I alternate between 5, 10 or 15lb kettlebells, depending on the particular exercise. It has even piqued my husband's attention. Maybe we can do it together, him with heavier weights, of course.

Now, I can rock, confidently, my favorite Mother's Day gift:

I LOVE this bathing suit and I CANNOT wait to wear it.


anita said...

how much did you lose?
i'm doing a "mini" cleanse; no sugar.
week 3.

GorgeousPuddin said...

Hey Hey Mrs Thang!! Congrats on reaching your goal!! You have truly inspired me! Everytime I get weak in my resolve I will come back to this post. LOL!

P.S. That swim suit is HOT!

Nicole Marie said...

love the bathing suit!!!

Sarah said...

Woo congrats! How to you find the kettlebell? I have just started training again with my trainer and am keen to put in more weights based exercises and the bell as its affectionately known has been suggested. I am scared!

x Sarah

P.S. I love this... said...

@Anita - I lost 37lbs on the cleanse. I'm working out twice a day and eating very healthily..trying out some new recipes from the "Goddess Salad". lol

@Gorgeous - I'm glad I could be inspiring. A few of my other girlfriends are getting on board too. I'm happy we are putting ourselves and health first for a change. Girl, that bathing suit makes me feel SEXY!

@NicoleMarie - Thank you. It's a real cute one, especially for a once piece.

@Sarah- I found my kettlebells at Walmart, I got a set of 3 for 39.00. They are by Julian Micheals. I use for workout vids and I also use her YouTube videos. I like doing a workout geared for a woman. But kettlebells is amazing!! You will love it. HTH!