Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Rustic Glam Asian

I know I'm driving my wonderful husband batty with the constant changing of my mind on the dining room table. We currently have 3 dining room tables... in our apartment... because I keep buying tables... and find that they aren't exactly what I want. Crazy, I know.

I want the dining room to be rustic, glam with a touch of Chinoserie. The bane of my existence has obviously been the dining room table. I think I have finally found THE ONE!!!
*click on photo*  I adore this table. I think what sells me are the legs. They look like bamboo! A perfect little detail that really ties into my dream dining room.
I want a table that looks good and don't have to worry about damaging it. I want to be able to host big dinners as well as have rousing games of Monopoly. To stand up to crafts with my nieces and nephews and be chic enough for hosting my girlfriends for a Ladies Night In.

This table seems to fit the bill. In addition to those fab bamboo looking legs...another feature is that the ends of the table extends beyond the legs. To me, this is very important because the last thing you want when dining is banging your knees on the table legs. Hate that.

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