Sunday, May 22, 2011

Doors Noir

I haven't posted any updates about the house because, well... not much has been going on. The only thing we've been working on is painting the trim because when the house was painted, the trim was not. And there's ALOT of trim. Just to give you an idea of how much.. we've gotten quotes of 7k, just to paint the freakin' trim.

Needless to say, we've been trying to tackle the task. It's been slow going because neither of us have tons of time to dedicate to it. It's a little frustrating but it will get done.

In addition to the trim, I've decided I want the doors painted black. At first, we agreed on just the front door and I just love the chicness of the look...glossy and black:

These doors are so fierce and the brass hardware in the center, just sings! 

Now, I'm considering replacing all the doors in the house and painting those black as well. It will certainly pop against the all white walls.

These are the doors I'm considering:

And they will look like this after applying some glossy, oil based paint goodness:

So pretty!
These are fab too:

I love these rustic doors, the texture is awesome and the black makes it modern.


anita said...

great decision!!
I love glossy black doors!

tina - Half Of What I Say said...

Love the design of that door, will look fabulous in black. I have black doors throughout my house, and I love them, except with three kids they seem to attract fingerprints.

romwe said...

I adore this style,typical classic style<3