Friday, July 9, 2010

Girl Meets Grill

I came across a totally cool company that provides prefabricated outdoor kitchens. I'm SUCH a fan of the outdoor "room" and all the entertainment possibilities, so this immediately piqued my attention.

While it may be too late now, getting our backyard (for the near future house) soiree ready will be the first thing on the agenda come next Spring. And I will have these guys on speed dial. Check out this before and after.

The blank canvas and kinda smallish space....

The completed outdoor kitchen! I'm in serious love people!!!

The company Island Cabanas, creates a custom layout for your outdoor kitchen based on your specifications and what will work best for your allotted space. They then ship you the frame with all the rough openings for appliances, doors, etc. When you get it, you flex your DIY muscles and finish the kitchen with faux rock, stone, brick, stucco, then add your countertop. Viola, a custom outdoor kitchen.

I know this outdoor kitchen is all my darlin' Hubby can talk about, he wants one so badly. And all I can talk about is a pool. So together, the kitchen and pool will make beautiful memories together, just like us.


Jen said...

You guys sound like me & my hubby..He wants the outdoor kitchen and I want the pool!
Love your blog!
I'm a follower!

Bringing Pretty Back said...

We are building a house this summer and my hubby wants an out door kitchen ~ LOVE THIS! Thanks for the info!
Have a pretty day!