Monday, July 19, 2010

Newest Home Addition

I had been looking for a table for my newly acquired Regency chairs. I knew I wanted something round that extended for the huge holiday dinners and hosting other get togethers. So this beauty what I found:

I think it's a great walnut table! I love the silver gilt around the fluted base.
I can't wait to refinish my chairs and put the dining room together.. so excited. I want to add more modern elements to the rest of the dining room decor so that it's not stuffy but chic and effortlessly fab.

I also need to stop and get some paint samples to find the perfect gray for our walls. I'm partial to Benjamin Moore's Dior Gray, for the lower level of the house:

photo Apartment Therapy

I'm hoping it's a true gray, light and this:

 photo You Got To See This

My plan is to use paint in a gradient way from the foyer to the back of the house, which will end with the furthest wall in the family room. That wall will be a rich slate gray, creating a greater sense of depth from the front of the house. That's what I imagine anyway.

Any gray paint suggestions? I would love to hear them.

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