Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Spider Senses

A word of caution to everyone who enjoys the spoils of buying and selling on craigslist.org...  Saturday, a man texted me regarding some settees that I have listed on craigslist, he just wanted to know if they were still available. Unfortunately for me, they still are. So he made an appointment to come see them on Sunday. So he calls me Sunday morning to inquire about my address and directions... and because I suck at directions, I had to ask my hubby, who happened to be standing next to me when I took the call.

Ok, fast forward a couple of hours, mind you, he should have been en route from where he claimed he was traveling from... to tell me that he can't make it 'til later because he is having an issue with his plumbing. I said ok, no problem.

So, the hour he was to arrive came and went.. no one came or called. Usually, I wouldn't have sweated it.. no harm no foul.. but this is the thing, I told my husband I need you home when this guy comes to look at the settees... I just have a weird feeling and I don't want to be here by myself.

The weird feeling never left me, so on a whim I called my cousin, a police officer and asked him about the number the person called and texted me from... the number was disconnected and was for a disposable phone!

Now, there could have been lots of explanations for this unusual scenario but I got the WORST stomach ache just thinking how I could have put myself and my family in harm's way. What was this person's intentions? Maybe I watch too many movies but I was a wreck for the rest of the day.

The other story is from the antique dealer, (whom will now sell my settees, because I'm too scared to try it again with craigslist) he told me he went to buy a van from a woman on craigslist and come to find out the lady didn't even own the van!! She was trying to sell someone else's property unbeknownst to them!!!

Talk about a crazy world.

So be careful ladies... first bedbugs now this.. sheesh!

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GorgeousPuddin said...

Oh my God!!!!
Girl I'm so glad you followed your gut!!
Woman's intuition is amazing!!
I'm happy you and your family are okay!! Craigslist has gotten really unsafe in this economy. Too many criminals and crazies waiting to take advantage. So sad.