Friday, July 9, 2010

What I'm Loving Today

Looking for possible furniture selections for the new house. Well, we are still in the looking stages but we have found one that we like and probably will put an offer on this weekend.

I have been cyber shopping as usual. I LOVE looking at fab furniture finds.

First up, this couch:

I love the tonal color, the pattern and the shape. I wish I could sit in it, to see how it feels. I also love the Greek key table, both are from Home Decorators.

Next, this fab chandelier:

I adore how simplistic this glass and chrome chandy is, sometimes the more ornate chandeliers are a little overwhelming to me.

And this makes me squeal with glee!

You know I have a serious affinity for these hooded aka balloon aka canopy aka Porter chairs. I'm inching closer to owning a couple as they are on sale.

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