Saturday, December 6, 2008


*sigh* It's a no go with the dresses from H&M. I went to see them for the first time in person and could not believe the fly dress I saw in the ad was not the same sad dress my eyes beheld. So it's back to the drawing board. Also the sisters' want to wear something more fancy. So I told them to find a bunch of dresses on their own and we'll vote on it at the next Dessertee.

You probably want to know what a Dessertee (think partee-party) is.. well since we're all so busy with our lives, school, careers, families and stuff, once a month, we make a point to get together no matter what. We meet at a designated sister's home and we all bring a new dessert that we've made, even the hostess has to make something. No store bought crap either! And we catch up on each other's lives, take pictures maybe some video, make frozen drinks and just reconnect without any distractions. Sometimes we may opt to go shopping to walk off some of the kabillions of calories we've just inhaled.

I really love it because it's the most I laugh in EVER!! My sisters are hilarious.

This Dessertee, we'll hopefully vote on a stupid, I mean, cute dress and put that issue to bed...finally.

Curiously though, with all this searching for a cute black dress, I've found a few to add to my collection for upcoming holiday parties. Like this stunner:

dress from Express

Isn't it LOVE!?!?! It has feathers and it's strapless. I would just add a medium-ish wide belt to create more shape, put my hair up with a sexy side swept bang, light up my face with some obnoxious shoulders dusting statement earrings , opaque tights and throw on a pair of killer stilettos and I'm stylin' and profilin'! (but not dancin', weak ankles and 10 inch heels, spell diaster.)

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