Saturday, December 6, 2008

Haute Momma

Baby talk when I'm still planning the wedding is what I call speeding but I had to make a note of how I want to leave the hospital, if and when we decide to procreate.

photos by Brad Pitt for W magazine

Ok, let me take inventory... Hat? Check! Sunglasses? Check! Now all I need is the baby and baby carrier. She looks so effortlessly, freakin' fashionable.

I would, however, have to add this dress along with some industrial strength Spanx, to hide the all the non-fab flab, from just having a baby, under this boho chic frock... adding a low slung belt, of course, to show off my new, non-surgically enhanced, chi-chis:

Dress by Laundry

Do you think it would be too much to ask Treasure to snap a few ridiculously cool, black and white shots of us as we leave the hospital?

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An Atlanta Bride said...

Seriously, Angelina could be in a potato sack and look killer. Those pics that Brad too are so fly.