Tuesday, December 16, 2008

If I Were A New Year's Eve Bride

I would wear this fabulous frock!!

Not those shoes though

I couldn't see myself wearing a traditional bridal "gown" for a NYE wedding. My friends and family would be so tickled and think as I saunter down the aisle, "That's totally her!!" I could see Treasure in a tux with white jacket and an ascot.

The ceremony would be at 11:25pm by candlelight and everyone would be all aglow with joy for us as we say our vows, trying not to get choked up, then by timing it perfectly with the help of our planner and Pastor, seal our vows with a kiss and a dip. At percisely midnight, we'd be pronounced "Man and Wife" and a flurry of white balloons would float from the ceiling and everyone would scream, "Happy New Year!!!".

A little ambitious with the time, I know but wouldn't it be sweet!


Nikki C said...

May I just say...that I saw this dress in my Modern Bride and absolutely ADORED in it a guilty-pleasure kind of way. It's just so bold!! Now THIS is a party dress if you ask me ;) Plus, my fiance and I were thinking of doing a bird theme...the ostrich feathers...this is definitely the statement dress!!

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Nikki! Thanks for stopping by! A statement dress indeed. I have to check out Modern Bride and see this dress. I wonder what they paired it with?? I'm still looking for BM dresses and decided to check out Jovani..which is where I found this beauty.

Nikki C said...

Hey! After reading your post I immediately ran to my M.B. They did wedding dresses by month and this one was "Miss Februrary." It's paired with some simple nude colored Louboutins and a ruby ring. LOVE it! ;)

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Nikki! Nude Loubous...great pairing with such a striking dress. I bet the ruby ring gave it just the right amount of punctuation. I'm gonna pick up a copy of MB tomorrow. =D