Friday, December 5, 2008

I Heart Hennez and Mauritz!

I have always loved shopping at H&M for cute pieces.. I have found a few of cutest dresses in my closet there. And now that I've found my bridesmaids dresses' there, I love them even more. Know why?? Because the dresses were only $34.00 each!!! Of course we'll have to nix the straps and merchandise it up a bit with fab shoes and accessories but all in all, I'm totally satisfied.

I have been searching high and low for the ad in the Metro newspaper that lead my to my cheap, chic find but I haven't so I will have to scan it to share it.

As soon as I saw the front page ad, I was captivated. I hit the speed dial for my sister and told her if she hadn't yet picked up the paper, to do so and let me know what she thought of the dress. She quickly texted with a bunch of = )

See, the dress is black and she totally didn't want to wear black but when she saw the photo, she loved it. However, we had to confirm our love by seeing it in person. I was enroute to an appointment with a bride so she had to stop by the H&M on 5th Avenue. She quickly snatched up 4 dresses, all one size too big for each girl, to allow for perfect alterations. I have to pick them up today.

I'm so excited to have gotten that task out of the way and saved a TON doing it.

While I get that scan ready, peep this cute take on a boudoir shoot ala H&M. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE their ads. The photography, styling, lighting, props, locations, hair and makeup is always breathtakingly fabulous!!! The second picture just SINGS!

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