Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ummm yeah, DIY anything, it's not for me. Not because I lack creativity but time. It's all very fleeting... between meeting with clients, photoshoots, working on marketing and pr, writing a book, traveling for work, managing a household and planning my wedding, whew, I'm pooped. The LAST thing I want to even think about is attempting to DIY something. If left to me, our photo guestbook would look like the above. No thank you, I'll pay someone.

Everyone knows about the greatness that is the Blurb, MyPublisher and Picaboo, amongst others, for creating your own books, more particular, wedding books. My plan is to have one coffee table book for guest to sign at the wedding and a little book for my Mom, Mother in Law and myself, to carry around in my bag and gush at randomly. But the thought of actually having to put one together has me reaching for an Advil.

So imagine my utter delight with BlurbNation. These fabulous folks are available to put your books together for you. Most that I've found in the directory are quite talented and often photographers, graphic designers, editors, retouchers. One bookmaker is even in marketing, advertising and promotion. I may have hit the jackpot. I can commission them to make a coffee table book for the wedding and one promotional book for RCBB. Genuis!!

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