Friday, March 14, 2008

Putting Out a Silver Gray Alert!!

Know designer of the coat and dress? Send me an email.. please. =)

I know that Spring is a week away and I should be looking to acquire brighter colors for my wardrobe but those ladies on Lipstick Jungle had me chomping at the bit for these pieces.
That silver coat that Victory Ford (LOVE her name) is wearing.. oh my GOODNESS. That I need in my life.. it's totally transitional. FAB!

Then Nico Reilly in that grey wool funnel neck dress with the fur trim on the sleeve. *FAINT*
I've seen that dress before and now that I've seen it on.. ooooh chile! I'm breaking out in hives because I didn't buy it.

That Lipstick Jungle is so delish! Next week is the season finale..what oh what will I do on Thursdays?

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Anonymous said...

Did you find the designer of this dress. I just watched the show in re run this afternoon and HAVE to have it!!

P.S. I love this... said...

Hi Anon! Thanks for stopping by. See, why did you have to make me look at that BEAUTIFUL dress again??!?! Now I can't stop drooling. Darling, I've found that that dress is by the fab Christian Dior and was a limited piece from the Fall 2007 collection. Hope that helps.