Thursday, March 13, 2008

ROI Wearability

These are not my choices, I just like them..

All dresses by BCBG

When I decided to have a bridal party, I wanted to ensure that whichever bridal party attire we decided upon would indeed be worn again..or at least has the very great possibility, even if I had to find a darn party for them to wear it to! However it would have to be 3 different parties because we can't have three sisters wearing the same dress at the same party.. that would be freaky and quite comical.

This is an option that I'm toying with.. I thinks it's fabulous because it's great for my Old Hollywood inspired wedding but it's still very modern.

Also it's flattering for all body types. Lastly, it looks so comfy and not restrictive. Which is very important on the day I get to be a Diva Bride. *note to self..need blinged out wifebeater t-shirt with "Diva Bride"*

In addition to having my sisters wear some type of Spanx hourglass figure maker, they will need something for the "Girls". I found the ultimate in breast perktification, Liftits. They are just what the doctor ordered for a backless, halter back, low back dress or top. I think every woman needs these in their "bringing sexy back" arsenal.

Check out the video of how to apply and how great your Lady Lumps will look.


jessica said...

this is my favorite designer and i had not even seen the first dress it rocks. i wish it were shorter because i really want tea length for my june wedding

elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs said...

love the teal gown - i'm passing it onto my friend b/c she's been looking for a formal gown!

P.S. I love this... said...

That teal gown by BCBG was found on I love pretty yet ridiculously comfy looking.