Thursday, March 6, 2008

My Gown

I'm looking for a new gown. It's not THE gown, as in wedding, but something pretty fabulous, nonetheless. As a member of Goldstar, I get the lowdown on great things to do around the City for a discounted price, music to my shoes obsessed ears. If you're not a member, shame on you...become one, it's free!

The latest nightout I plan to drag, ahem, I mean, experience with the future hubby is, New York City Opera's Madama Butterfly at Lincoln Center.

I'm really loving pink this year, not sure why, as I've always been a "my favorite color is Blue" type of gal. It was lust at first sight when I saw this gorgeous number from Notte by Marchesa :

Thanks Mackenzie! She has such divine taste!

And what's a opera going fashionista without these....

If they were pink, they'd be perfect. I wonder if they'll fit into my latest Ebay find...


jessica said...

that sounds like a great service. i wish we had one like it here in geneva.

i kind of like the trend i am starting to see of colorful dresses for wedding gowns, though I like them to still be formal and classy

{this is glamorous} said...

That dress is lovely!