Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I can't honestly remember one favor from any wedding that I've ever been too. I'm sure the respective brides gave great thought and consideration to whichever momento she wanted her family and friends to remember the special day. But alas, I have no momentos, probably because it wasn't edible and while it might not still be around, my tummy would have remembered the yumminess.

Are you doing favors?

Me, not to sure at this point but if I do, it might be these little balls of glitz and glamour!


Looks like Christmas ornaments right? Nope, they are blinged-out chocolate!!

Bedazzle My Bonbons are individually hand-dipped and coated in a deliciously edible dusting of glitter and cocoa-powder that creates a unique and "bedazzling" effect.

Available in 12 glittering colors, all the boxes come encrusted with hand-applied rhinestones and the customers can choose from an assorted box of 12, featuring all the bedazzling colors offered or an 8 piece box in a color combination of their choice. Bedazzle My Bonbons also available as party of wedding favors and are delicately presented in a rhinestone-encrusted 4 piece box.

I can't even tell you how much I love the idea of these chocolates! They are so seductive..just luring me in with every glance. I may have to order a few Fushia ones, just to test them out.. so see if they match my decor. Yeah, that it.. for research purposes.


Pearls Of Wisdom, LLC said...

Aren't they 'TO DIE FOR' !!?

I loved them so... that, I,too could not resist the urge to BLOG about them...

Savour this Glittery Treat*

style-ish said...

What? sparkly chocolate?! That's awesome. I'm all over it.