Monday, March 10, 2008

My Dreamy Venue

Sorry for the lack of posting. I've been busy coordinating a "Boudoir Marathon"!! One of my fav celebrity shooters, has been able to fit me and some sexy brides into his fanatic schedule to capture beautifully lit, sensual, tasteful and fun boudoir photos for their beloved. It'll include sexy hair and makeup by moi and an hour long photoshoot in a fabulous hotel room in Manhattan. We've gotten soooo many request, that we've decided to add Philadelphia and Washington DC. So now we have an official tour. How rockstar is that?!?! I would totally love request from Miami, I could use some sun.

Ok, now the big reveal. My most dreamy and beautiful venue. When Treasure first proposed, I said to myself, I would wait a few weeks before even looking at anything wedding related. That didn't last too long as that very night, I had already done all the research and had found my first string vendors. So pretty much, the wedding was planned..just need to pay folks. I can honestly say that the only item that was problematic as finding the venue. I knew I didn't want to do a ballroom, hotel, catering hall or anything like that. I wanted something visually stunning and had a beauty all it's own..which is great because it saves tons of money on decor and flowers. So the first place was Fonthill Castle

This castle was great. I loved that it could accommodate our ceremony and reception. It had a tree lined drive and was surrounded by lush lawns..little streams and picturesque woodland. There was this gorgeous balcony space, usually used for cocktails, from which the guests would descend to the white tented reception complete with dazzling chandeliers.

We went to visit it in person, at the request of the caterer and it was a day that a wedding was to be held there so we'd get to see the entire look, with set ups and everything. At first look, I was in love, Tresure..not so much. He thought that it didn't have enough landscaping. And I could tell he wasn't crazy about the "castle" thing.

So I continued to look. I was getting so discouraged and feeling resigned to a hotel or catering hall or destination wedding. Then I found it.. the Cairnwood Mansion!! It was perfection on the website. But I had been disappointed before so off we went on another appointment, that happened to be on another date reserved for a wedding.

This place just spoke to not only me but us. I could tell by the grin on Treasure's face that he was quite pleased and dare I say giddy. I know I was a beaming mess. We both LOVED it and we knew our search was over.

"Designed by the renowned architectural firm of Carrére and Hastings to be a home for the industrialist John Pitcairn and his young family, Cairnwood evokes the grandeur of the Gilded Age with its intimacy, beauty and elegance. While it maintains the atmosphere of a private home, it is available for events such as weddings, corporate entertaining, fundraising and social events of all kinds."

I'm beyond excited to have found this gem!

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style-ish said...

WOW! Your venue is gorgeous! I can not wait to see your wedding.