Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Love Peonies

I had always been an orchid lover. I adore how exotic and delicate looking, yet hardy, the flower is.

But I've discovered so many flowers since wedding planning. My favorites have been the fluffy looking Peony, the Amenome and the Cockscomb. I'm hoping that whichever florist I decide to go with can make a go of these new loves in my life. It would be delightful to have fushia Cockscomb, mixed with white and light pink Peonies and maybe white Amemone.

I'm just fascinated with the texture of the squiggly flower.

Isn't this the most beautiful flower you've ever seen!

To me, this represents the "Black Tie" element of the wedding.

However if by some fluke I'm not able to have my beloved Peony, I've found that the Cabbage Rose, a Tulip/Rose hybrid (don't know the official name) and the Cabbage Rose, would be fantastic alternatives.

I had came across a site that offers the fluffy flower outside of the normal blooming time that has been quoted to me by many florist. Yea!!!



Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...

peonies are one of my most favorite flowers. I love how voluminous they are and they're so feminine.

Pink Peony said...

My Grandmother grew Peonies in her garden when I was little. It has always been my favorite flower. So feminine and classic.

http://shop.ilovepeonies.com said...

I Love Peonies! too. They are gorgeous, fragrant, huge, pillowy and is available in many colors! That's only the herbaceous peonies. Then, there's the much talked about Itoh Peonies which are stronger and resistant to diseases. A wonderful display both in the garden and inside the house. Yep, I am passionate about peonies and that's why I established Peony Farm, located in Sequim, WA. You can view the selections at Peony Farm and you can see why I am so in love with peonies.