Monday, March 24, 2008

Divine Dessert

All desserts from

These goodies look like the irresistable creations of some fabulous caterer, right? Actually they are the confections of blogger who happens to be an awesomely talented food writer, food stylist, photographer and recipe developer. I heart these desserts!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

And For My Second Act

Yup I'll be one of those brides... changing into another gown after the first dance. So of course I need another pair of shoes. I've already shared my "Something Blue" shoes.

Here are contenders for the partay!


Lovin' These

A wedding gown with pockets, so fashionable... not sure how functional though as I'm sure anything in the pockets would ruin the lines of the gown.

A blush colored pretty, so feminine. Loves it!


Friday, March 21, 2008

My Inspiration

This purse was the inspiration for the decor and feel of the wedding. It's glamourous and fun with a nod to vintage. It's beautiful... I totally love the feathers. Still trying to figure out how to incorporate them into the event design.

Forgot where I found this.. sorry.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Delightfully Goth?

Please excuse the darkness of the title. But is there any other way to explain my newest discovery, Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab? They specialize in formulating body and household blends with a dark, romantic Gothic tone. I could go on and on but that's the gist of it.

At first glance, with catagories like "Sin & Salvation", "Mad Tea Party", "Imp's Ears", I was ready to move on to another website.. too eerie for me, for lack of a better word. But I decided to read on and actually look at the scents available. Glad I did! I took a gander at the category that was most appealing, "Shiny & New" and found:

In the spirit of Polynesian Pop and Tiki Culture, we present Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab's Atomic Luau Lounge: the Exotica Collection.

Monoi de Tahiti, vanilla, white coconut, tuberose, ylang ylang, white musk, red hibiscus, and neroli.


Black coconut, black musk, lemon blossom, and ironwood bark. I love the woodsy-ness of a man's scent. I like to wear Treasure's cologne sometimes, it's so sexy and great for an evening out... or in. *wink*

I'm gonna place an order but probably put it in another bottle. This one is darling and would be perfectly at home on my vanity. There's nothing more glam than dabbing your favorite scent from one of these:

[crystal perfume]

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Bride Wore Black-ish

I like the idea of a wedding gown of a different hue, quite intriguing is the black wedding gown. I must admit I was a little put off at first..but it's grown on me in a chic, irreverent way.

Isn't it stunning! It's an evening dress by Lanvin from 1939. Steel-gray silk taffeta embroidered with metallic sequins and pink beads. Swoon.

I also like the idea of having a seamstress removing the bottom tier after the nuptuals and viola, a new LBD added to your collection. I'm all about recycling.

{gown found at]


I can't honestly remember one favor from any wedding that I've ever been too. I'm sure the respective brides gave great thought and consideration to whichever momento she wanted her family and friends to remember the special day. But alas, I have no momentos, probably because it wasn't edible and while it might not still be around, my tummy would have remembered the yumminess.

Are you doing favors?

Me, not to sure at this point but if I do, it might be these little balls of glitz and glamour!


Looks like Christmas ornaments right? Nope, they are blinged-out chocolate!!

Bedazzle My Bonbons are individually hand-dipped and coated in a deliciously edible dusting of glitter and cocoa-powder that creates a unique and "bedazzling" effect.

Available in 12 glittering colors, all the boxes come encrusted with hand-applied rhinestones and the customers can choose from an assorted box of 12, featuring all the bedazzling colors offered or an 8 piece box in a color combination of their choice. Bedazzle My Bonbons also available as party of wedding favors and are delicately presented in a rhinestone-encrusted 4 piece box.

I can't even tell you how much I love the idea of these chocolates! They are so seductive..just luring me in with every glance. I may have to order a few Fushia ones, just to test them out.. so see if they match my decor. Yeah, that it.. for research purposes.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Look at Me

Well at least that's what one of my friends', who emailed me this pic, think I will look like on my wedding day. So cute!

Monday, March 17, 2008

The Art of Sabrage

Very interesting. I want to incorporate this into the wedding...maybe a little entertainment during the cocktail hour. I think it's quite chic...and my bff, Colin Cowie, says so.

Fabulous "Wedding" Gown

Not a traditional gown for a wedding by most standards. But I'm really drawn to the unconventional and my wedding would be no different. If I were to chuck everything I've done so far and started all over again, it would begin with this lavishly flowy, majestic, silk sumptuosness. Add a dash to Italy and my Treasure in a Tom Ford bespoke suit, I LOVE how they are tailored within an inch of your life, and we're in business.

Funny how Tom Ford can make balding so sexy.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Putting Out a Silver Gray Alert!!

Know designer of the coat and dress? Send me an email.. please. =)

I know that Spring is a week away and I should be looking to acquire brighter colors for my wardrobe but those ladies on Lipstick Jungle had me chomping at the bit for these pieces.
That silver coat that Victory Ford (LOVE her name) is wearing.. oh my GOODNESS. That I need in my life.. it's totally transitional. FAB!

Then Nico Reilly in that grey wool funnel neck dress with the fur trim on the sleeve. *FAINT*
I've seen that dress before and now that I've seen it on.. ooooh chile! I'm breaking out in hives because I didn't buy it.

That Lipstick Jungle is so delish! Next week is the season finale..what oh what will I do on Thursdays?

[photos from]

Thursday, March 13, 2008

ROI Wearability

These are not my choices, I just like them..

All dresses by BCBG

When I decided to have a bridal party, I wanted to ensure that whichever bridal party attire we decided upon would indeed be worn again..or at least has the very great possibility, even if I had to find a darn party for them to wear it to! However it would have to be 3 different parties because we can't have three sisters wearing the same dress at the same party.. that would be freaky and quite comical.

This is an option that I'm toying with.. I thinks it's fabulous because it's great for my Old Hollywood inspired wedding but it's still very modern.

Also it's flattering for all body types. Lastly, it looks so comfy and not restrictive. Which is very important on the day I get to be a Diva Bride. *note to self..need blinged out wifebeater t-shirt with "Diva Bride"*

In addition to having my sisters wear some type of Spanx hourglass figure maker, they will need something for the "Girls". I found the ultimate in breast perktification, Liftits. They are just what the doctor ordered for a backless, halter back, low back dress or top. I think every woman needs these in their "bringing sexy back" arsenal.

Check out the video of how to apply and how great your Lady Lumps will look.

Feelin' Blue

Doesn't these Pucci Peeptoes whisper Springtime? I adore them. If I stare at them long enough, I'm transported to Santorini.

I believe these darling shoes warrant a loving email to Treasure with a "P.S. I love this..."

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ummm yeah, DIY anything, it's not for me. Not because I lack creativity but time. It's all very fleeting... between meeting with clients, photoshoots, working on marketing and pr, writing a book, traveling for work, managing a household and planning my wedding, whew, I'm pooped. The LAST thing I want to even think about is attempting to DIY something. If left to me, our photo guestbook would look like the above. No thank you, I'll pay someone.

Everyone knows about the greatness that is the Blurb, MyPublisher and Picaboo, amongst others, for creating your own books, more particular, wedding books. My plan is to have one coffee table book for guest to sign at the wedding and a little book for my Mom, Mother in Law and myself, to carry around in my bag and gush at randomly. But the thought of actually having to put one together has me reaching for an Advil.

So imagine my utter delight with BlurbNation. These fabulous folks are available to put your books together for you. Most that I've found in the directory are quite talented and often photographers, graphic designers, editors, retouchers. One bookmaker is even in marketing, advertising and promotion. I may have hit the jackpot. I can commission them to make a coffee table book for the wedding and one promotional book for RCBB. Genuis!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mother of the Bride

I like this for my Mom. I think she'll look so FABULOUS!

I Love Peonies

I had always been an orchid lover. I adore how exotic and delicate looking, yet hardy, the flower is.

But I've discovered so many flowers since wedding planning. My favorites have been the fluffy looking Peony, the Amenome and the Cockscomb. I'm hoping that whichever florist I decide to go with can make a go of these new loves in my life. It would be delightful to have fushia Cockscomb, mixed with white and light pink Peonies and maybe white Amemone.

I'm just fascinated with the texture of the squiggly flower.

Isn't this the most beautiful flower you've ever seen!

To me, this represents the "Black Tie" element of the wedding.

However if by some fluke I'm not able to have my beloved Peony, I've found that the Cabbage Rose, a Tulip/Rose hybrid (don't know the official name) and the Cabbage Rose, would be fantastic alternatives.

I had came across a site that offers the fluffy flower outside of the normal blooming time that has been quoted to me by many florist. Yea!!!


Monday, March 10, 2008

My Dreamy Venue

Sorry for the lack of posting. I've been busy coordinating a "Boudoir Marathon"!! One of my fav celebrity shooters, has been able to fit me and some sexy brides into his fanatic schedule to capture beautifully lit, sensual, tasteful and fun boudoir photos for their beloved. It'll include sexy hair and makeup by moi and an hour long photoshoot in a fabulous hotel room in Manhattan. We've gotten soooo many request, that we've decided to add Philadelphia and Washington DC. So now we have an official tour. How rockstar is that?!?! I would totally love request from Miami, I could use some sun.

Ok, now the big reveal. My most dreamy and beautiful venue. When Treasure first proposed, I said to myself, I would wait a few weeks before even looking at anything wedding related. That didn't last too long as that very night, I had already done all the research and had found my first string vendors. So pretty much, the wedding was planned..just need to pay folks. I can honestly say that the only item that was problematic as finding the venue. I knew I didn't want to do a ballroom, hotel, catering hall or anything like that. I wanted something visually stunning and had a beauty all it's own..which is great because it saves tons of money on decor and flowers. So the first place was Fonthill Castle

This castle was great. I loved that it could accommodate our ceremony and reception. It had a tree lined drive and was surrounded by lush lawns..little streams and picturesque woodland. There was this gorgeous balcony space, usually used for cocktails, from which the guests would descend to the white tented reception complete with dazzling chandeliers.

We went to visit it in person, at the request of the caterer and it was a day that a wedding was to be held there so we'd get to see the entire look, with set ups and everything. At first look, I was in love, Tresure..not so much. He thought that it didn't have enough landscaping. And I could tell he wasn't crazy about the "castle" thing.

So I continued to look. I was getting so discouraged and feeling resigned to a hotel or catering hall or destination wedding. Then I found it.. the Cairnwood Mansion!! It was perfection on the website. But I had been disappointed before so off we went on another appointment, that happened to be on another date reserved for a wedding.

This place just spoke to not only me but us. I could tell by the grin on Treasure's face that he was quite pleased and dare I say giddy. I know I was a beaming mess. We both LOVED it and we knew our search was over.

"Designed by the renowned architectural firm of Carrére and Hastings to be a home for the industrialist John Pitcairn and his young family, Cairnwood evokes the grandeur of the Gilded Age with its intimacy, beauty and elegance. While it maintains the atmosphere of a private home, it is available for events such as weddings, corporate entertaining, fundraising and social events of all kinds."

I'm beyond excited to have found this gem!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

So Cute and Conscious

Alot of couples do the customized water bottles for their weddings, while a great thrist quencher and non-sugary and caloric alternative to the signature drink, the plastic bottles themselves, not so fab. Enter the new kid on the block, the water drink box!

"Adults everywhere are discovering the convenience of the drink box. Thanks to the aseptic packaging and reverse osmosis purification, we guarantee AQUA2GO™ is pure, safe and great-tasting water. AQUA2GO™ packaging is sterile, and also keeps out light and air, resulting in extended shelf stability. It is compact, lightweight, and can easily be flattened after use. Unlike cans or bottles, the Tetra Brik™ Aseptic package is among the most sustainable packages on the market today. 74% of the package is made from paper -- a completely renewable resource."

Now if only they came in different colors.

My Gown

I'm looking for a new gown. It's not THE gown, as in wedding, but something pretty fabulous, nonetheless. As a member of Goldstar, I get the lowdown on great things to do around the City for a discounted price, music to my shoes obsessed ears. If you're not a member, shame on you...become one, it's free!

The latest nightout I plan to drag, ahem, I mean, experience with the future hubby is, New York City Opera's Madama Butterfly at Lincoln Center.

I'm really loving pink this year, not sure why, as I've always been a "my favorite color is Blue" type of gal. It was lust at first sight when I saw this gorgeous number from Notte by Marchesa :

Thanks Mackenzie! She has such divine taste!

And what's a opera going fashionista without these....

If they were pink, they'd be perfect. I wonder if they'll fit into my latest Ebay find...