Saturday, January 7, 2012

Color Injected

Love this!
via La Dolce vita
 I would totally do yellow Tolix stools.

I LOVE that this kitchen is pretty neutral but has these brilliant pops of yellow. I've been annoyed with myself for wanting color but not commiting and pulling the trigger on colorful items. But this design illustrates how easily I can get my color fix by adding a just few colorful tangibles of flowers and fruit.

I'm also dying because this design includes a little Chinoiserie.. and I have those Double Happiness jars. They are so going in my kitchen.


In The Night Sky said...

That's a gorgeous kitchen and I really like the yellow touches here and there - so easy to do and if you ever get sick of yellow (or whatever colour) you can swap them, easy!

Viviana said...

I love a pop of yellow in the kitchen!
Found you via Design Darling and am now following :)