Thursday, January 26, 2012

Newest Additions

I've been making some progress with the living room. I received my lamp delivery yesterday. YAY! I found a couple of vintage Hollywood Regency, Mid Century Asian, Modern lamps.. (that's a mouthful) on Etsy.

These lamps are HUGE!! They are 42" tall and so fab!!

Although not the ones that Brooke sourced, I did keep in her "Go Big or Go Home" suggestion.

The lamps did not come with the shades which is cool because I wasn't in love with those. The seller, Retrosymphony, did pass along a source for custom shades and provided me with a photo of the more modern shade.

I really like the shorter shade.

I believe that I will be painting these lamps white and freshing up the brass fittings. I will tackle that this weekend.

I will also be looking into getting some decorative wall molding. I saw a segment on the Steve and Chris show (LOVE their home decor segment) and it has me in a tizzy to get my walls done.

So pretty!
Seemed easy enough, I just have to remember to measure twice, cut once.


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