Thursday, January 12, 2012

To Paint Or Not To Paint

I bought a vintage highboy last year and it's in great condition and really lovely BUT I'm thinking of painting it.

So, I thought it serendipitious that I came across this Before and After:

via Better After
What do you think? Should I paint it?


K. Rock said...

Paint it!

janzi said...

I think that glorious though that looks at the moment it would look even more beautiful painted to suit your decor... so go for it and make another masterpiece that will last long time.. the shape is gorgeous, and the other example shows you how perfect a different colour could look... good luck, and happy painting!!

In The Night Sky said...

Yep, paint it!

DreamerInLove said...

I would have said no but then I saw how cool and classy it would look. Paint it!