Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It All Began With This

My love for the Porter chair began with this photo. At the time, I had just began becoming somewhat interested in interior design.. figuring out what appealed to me.. what I thought was fabulous. It was this room.. by designer Smith Boyd.

Actually, I just discovered, today, the name of this designer.. thanks Kimberly Ward!

I believe this was one of the very first photos in my inspiration folder. I love so much about this room but it was the Porter chair that stood out. I loved that tradition was turned on it's fabulous ear and the chair was covered in a beautiful chevron-esque fabric. I still don't have my beloved Porter chair but I will!!

And can I just say I'm totally smitten with the luxe layering and texturizing that Smith Boyd imparts into all of his designs. I love how he mixes multiple styles so seamlessly...

This bedroom has changed my entire idea of how I want my dining room to look. It's glam, has a Chinoiserie vibe and has color. LOVE IT!

I wish he had a book, a class at the Learning Annex, a pamplet, SOMETHING that could break down his design process..give insight into how he sees design.. But for now, I'll just keep him on my radar and look out for more fabulous design from him.

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