Thursday, January 19, 2012

Get In My Master Bathroom!

If I could have anything in my master bathroom remodel, it would be a marble tub.

The veining in this tub is spectacular. I also love that it is a clawfoot tub, my favorite. The brass hardware is so complimentary and warm as is the antique gold trim leaning mirror. The wood flooring, (which I'm sure is reinforced to sustain the weight of a 2200lb tub) adds even more warmth to the room.



K. Rock said...

I can't think of anything but how heavy that thing looks. If your bedroom is on a second floor, you can forget it.

P.S. I love this... said...

Hey K.Rock!

You always keep it 100%. Yes it does look heavy.. very heavy. I would certainly want to fortify the floor with maybe some steel.. because you know my house is old. But considering that that tub is probably like 10-12k.. it's something I will never have to worry about... unless we hit the lottery. =)

Ronald @ flooring said...

That certainly seems like a heavy tub, but with some beautiful tile or stone flooring, you could have a very elegant and sophisticated bathroom.